Private events

A tailor-made reception service

Chef François Savin and his team offer you a bespoke experience for all your private events, from weddings to birthdays, as well as parties and baptisms.

Since 2016, Chef Savin has been putting his expertise at the service of private clients, bringing their most demanding projects to life. His commitment to customization and perfection is reflected in every detail of your event. In direct consultation with the Chef, a menu that matches your tastes and the ambiance of your event will be proposed to you.

Each dish, from the cocktail reception to the main courses, is carefully crafted to offer your guests a refined and memorable culinary experience. Our professional and attentive team ensures that every aspect of your event is orchestrated with seriousness and meticulousness.

Contact Chef Savin directly to create an unforgettable and tailored private event, where every bite is an invitation to a culinary journey and celebration.

Each private reception or wedding is unique, just like my clients. My desire is to create with them a bespoke experience, where every detail, every flavor, reflects their personality for an unforgettable moment, tailored to them.

Let's Prepare Your Event

Menu Design

Chef Savin creates for you a fully customized menu. Your preferences, your specific wishes, and those of your guests will be taken into account to create a tailor-made gastronomic experience.

Preparation and Service

The Chef's team takes care of all the details. From setup to decoration, from the kitchen to table service or buffet, every aspect of your reception is handled with professionalism and elegance.

Additional Services

In addition to the cuisine, we offer a range of services including providing all reception equipment, table decoration, floral arrangements, and much more.

What Do Our Clients Think?

For any inquiries, please contact Chef Savin directly:
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